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Welcome ...

My name is Lisa and thank you for finding Anahata - it must be for a reason ...

Why Anahata Wellbeing ...

I am here to gently guide you with Vinyasa Yoga and Rosen Method Bodywork. The colour green is associated with the heart chakra.

The heart is on the left, but its always right.

Anahata Well being

What is the meaning of Anahata?

The word is Sanskrit meaning "unstruck", "unhurt" or "unbeaten". Associated with air, the Anahata chakra governs love, compassion and acceptance and this is what we all would like out of life, I would hope!

Who am I?

I am aware that many of us don’t live the lives we truly want to live.

Introducing Lisa
Anahata Well being


"Where do I start, there’s so much to say. I’ve now had just 2 sessions with Lisa and the results have been incredible. My lower back pain has released and I feel so much calmer and grounded inside. Lisa is incredibly intuitive and knows exactly where my tension and emotions are being held.

With her compassion, kindness and ability to connect and create a sense of safety it has allowed me to release a lot of old stored tension. I have tried many alternative and medical treatments but nothing has been as effective as my Rosen sessions with Lisa.

I’d highly recommend her and I’ll be continuing to see Lisa as part of my well-being practice. Thank you Lisa, it’s honestly been life changing for me."

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