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The word is Sanskrit meaning "unstruck", "unhurt" or "unbeaten". Associated with air, the anahata chakra governs love, compassion and acceptance.

Anahata Well being

Lisa Sprosen

I am so aware that many of us don’t live the life we truly want to live.

I noticed my life was very busy and I had lost the time to listen to my true self and I was not living life to the full. I was just doing and not being and wanted to connect within myself. Being a wife, mother and business woman, I had lost my balance in life.

I had always dabbled in yoga and in 2015 decided to become a yoga teacher so I could learn how to slow down and to remind people that sometimes we have to stop and breath.

I was introduced to Rosen in 2012 during a confused and hurtful time in my life and didn’t know how to face it or which was the best way forwards. After my first session feeling the truth from within me I could move forward fearlessly.

After experiencing Rosen, I was hooked and I knew that Rosen was now a part of me. What I learnt from that first session was I need to spread the touch and introduce Rosen to as many people as I can, so they can also feel what lies within.

When we give ourselves the time to connect with the heart, and really feel what the truth is, we get back a wonderful gift of living truthfully with pure kindness.

What Rosen has also taught me is to listen, and take time for whatever has been said to resonate within the body and answer with kindness from the heart.

I am now an Intern completing the final stage in my training to become a practitioner.



I teach Vinyasa that resonates with the eight limbs of yoga making sure all participants who come leave feeling touched and find the strength and stillness within the body. I happily provide One to One Yoga sessions and I teach at the Wrotham Pavilion - for more information please contact me.

Anahata Well being
Anahata Well being

What does heart chakra do?

The Heart Chakra... The heart chakra is associated with compassion, affection, and love. The energy of the heart chakra starts in the center and expands through the chest. This chakra connects the lower and upper chakras, acting as a bridge between earthly matters and higher aspirations.

"Your heart is on the left, but it is always right"